Action You Can Take in Connecticut

Action You Can Take in Connecticut

As biodiesel is shown to clean up our atmosphere and be economical at the same time, it is important we all support use of this green fuel. The State of Connecticut can participate in fostering cleaner emissions and reducing greenhouse gases by:

Using biodiesel in State-owned vehicles with diesel engines, and

By enacting a mandate to have all diesel and home heating oil sold in the state to include an increasing percentage of biodiesel.

Another step to a cleaner environment is using biodiesel in home heating oil and in diesel fuel.

You can help by writing your local heating oil provider and fuel station and ask that they begin using, or use more, biodiesel in their products.

You can also help by writing to your Connecticut Representatives in Hartford. You can find the contact details for your legislators by clicking the following link:

And by clicking here, you can download a letter you can address and send to your congressional representatives.