Our Value

Our Values

Trust-Based, Long-Term Relationships Form
The Foundation of American GreenFuels’ Business Principles and Underpin Our Core Values

Teamwork is not only restricted to within American GreenFuels, but also includes the way American GreenFuels employees work with vendors, equipment suppliers, contractors, service providers, customers, and its parent company, Kolmar Americas, Inc. American GreenFuels is also building a strong relationship with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency which monitors its participation in the Renewable Fuels Standard program.

Along with a focus on our business relationships and our employees, we support and uphold these values:

  • Safety-Minded
    Always thinking and working towards ensuring the personal safety and health of each employee.
  • Honest & Ethical
    Honest with self and others, trustworthy, accountable, responsible, and sincere.
  • Compliance
    Always strive to comply with all applicable laws and regulations at all times.
  • Team Participant
    Shares knowledge with others; works for the team’s success; supports group decisions; values and acknowledges the value of others.
  • Flexibility
    Open to new ideas; able to manage and support change; reacts and adjusts positively to changing circumstances.
  • Respectful of Others
    Seeks first to understand before being understood; recognizes the feelings, attitudes, concerns, and capabilities of others; treats others as they would want to be treated.
  • Results Oriented
    Bias for action; can-do attitude; willing to take measured risks; energetic; accountable and responsible for seeing work through to completion.
  • Innovative and Creative
    Intellectually curious; looks at situations in new ways; comes up with new and unique solutions; open-minded; watches for trends in other industries which could be applied here.
  • Highly Motivated
    Takes own initiative; embraces challenges; wants to engage in and be an active part of the business; problem solver; and achievement based.
  • Forward Thinking
    Foresees future events and opportunities; proactive rather that reactive; identifies the long and short-term implications of events or situations.