We’d like to Introduce you to American GreenFuels, LLC

American GreenFuels, LLC manufactures high quality biodiesel in New Haven, Connecticut. American GreenFuels focuses on producing its biodiesel from a multitude of cost-effective natural feedstocks. The company’s biodiesel is marketed to biodiesel and diesel blenders or directly to diesel resellers. The plant was built in 2012 and became operational in 2013, and presently employs more than 30 people.

American GreenFuels is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kolmar Americas, Inc., which is a subsidiary of Kolmar Group AG of Zug, Switzerland. Kolmar Group AG is the corporate home for all Kolmar companies and Kolmar affiliates throughout the world. American GreenFuels conducts business within the Northeast United States, whereas Kolmar Americas and Kolmar Group AG conduct business throughout the world.

Now a part of the Kolmar family, American GreenFuels is aggressively working to enhance the amount of biodiesel it can produce for the marketplace—which will create more jobs for Connecticut and provide greater benefits to both the environment and the economy.

American GreenFuels’ continued success and future growth depends on safe operations, dedicated and motivated employees, and a relentless focus on product quality. To achieve success, the company follows a focused mission and adheres to several key values.